Wholesale consumer electronics, industrial equipment & wholesale spare parts trade


Huge variety of goods of any kind


Spares for any type of vehicle


Fast delivery to any destination without delay

About Company

Hillsboro Industries L.P. business extend far into Asia, Europe, America and Australia etc. Through the cooperation with the leading developed countries customers, we have had adopted international advanced technology and management system, and we have improved our technology level from their high standard and strict quality requirements. The market system is increasingly extending and scale is expanding.



MICZEN Technologies Co., Ltd (China), Nearer Technology Co. Ltd (Hongkong), Beijing Cte Communication Technology Co., Ltd (China), Tuneful Corporation RF Limited (Hongkong), Mito Color Imaging Co., Ltd (Hongkong), Rei-Yeu International Co., Ltd (China), Yongkang donglong import and export co.,ltd, (China), Ningbo Martexwell Construction Material Development Co.,Ltd (China), Shandong Longcheng Exporting Co.,Ltd (China), Asia (TIANJIN) Steel Co.,Ltd (China), Lenovo PС HК Limited (Hongkong), Hefei Talema Electronics Co.,Ltd (China)

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